• 809 05 Film Trimmer Capacitor 1.2-3.5pF

1.2 to 3.5pF 809 05 Series Vishay Film Dielectric Trimmer Capacitors, top adjustment polypropylene dielectric suitable for matching circuits in RF amplifiers and oscillators.  These are top adjustment, polypropylene dielectric, and rated at 300vdc.

Part # BFC280905001, Colour Clear ( Orange paint ), Size is 6.4mm W x 7.4mm L x 9mm H. Lead spacing 5.08mm.  Freq Resonance 850MHz, Temp coeff -250 +/- 350, Rated at 300vdc

For more information please see the 809 series Data Sheet

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809 05 Film Trimmer Capacitor 1.2-3.5pF

  • Brand: Vishay
  • Product Code: TRIM11
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