• NiceRF SA818-UHF 400-480MHz Transceiver Module

The G-Nice SA818-U which is also known as a DRA818U is a low cost but high performance integrated walkie talkie module with a built-in high performance RDA1846S SDR, micro-controller, narrow band rf transceiver, and standard UART interface.  Users only need to connect an external audio amplifier, microphone and speaker to make this module work as a walkie talkie transceiver with 1W output. The small size of the module has a wide range of applications, and can be embedded into various handheld devices including APRS and Repeaters. 

For more information see the NiceRF SA818 Data Sheet

Please Note that this module requires a suitable Low Pass Filter on the antenna connection to comply with regulations for harmonic output.


Frequency Range:
RX Sensitivity:
RX Power Consumption: +3.3 to 5vdc @ 60mA
TX Output Power: Low 500mW / High 1Watt
TX Power Consumption: 750mA
Bandwidth: 12.5 / 25kHz
Size: 35.6mm L x19mm W x 2.6mm H
Tone Squelch: 38 CTCSS, 166 CDCSS

NiceRF SA818-UHF 400-480MHz Transceiver Module

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