Cellink LL-195 50ohm coaxial cable with customer selected connector options. This is a complete cable assembly with two crimped and heat shrink covered connectors.

The heat shrink is used to waterproof and increase the strength of the connector to cable connection.

Please select the required length and connector Options for each end of the cable.  UHF PL259 connectors are no longer able to be fitted to this cable.

LL-195 Cable Specifications: 4.95mm OD dia, VF = 0.66, Attenuation 0.385dB per metre @ 1GHz.  For more information see the LL-195 Data Sheet

High Quality coaxial cable same as other 195 suffix type cables for interconnection of HF to SHF equipment. Cable has a foam inner with dual braid. Braid outer is nickel plated copper and inner braid is foil, centre core is copper.

 LL-240LL-195 Price is per metre length. Connectors prices include a fitting charge of $7.70 AUD per connector including heat shrinking.

LL-195 Design Your Own Coaxial Cable Assy

  • Brand: Cellink
  • Product Code: LL-195-CABLE ASSY
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