• NodeMcu-V2.0 Compatible ESP8266-CP2012

NodeMcu-V1.0 Development Board is based on a ESP8266 module with integrated ESP-12E UART to 2.4GHz WiFi .  The NodeMcu is an open source prototyping platform based on easy to use hardware and software. The board features a mini USB interface that is used to program and also supply DC power to the board. The development board requires an optional mini USB A/B cable.

For more information see the NodeMcu-V1.0 Documentation

Our stock has the CP2012 USB Controller chip

WiFi Module:
ESP8266 ( Integrated ESP12-E Micro-controller with 2.4GHz WiFi )
Operating Voltage: +5vdc ( +10vdc max )
Digital I/O Pins: 16 GPIO ( PWM I2C, 1-wire )
Analogue Input:
1x ADC input
USB Interface:
PC Board Size:
49mm L x 24.5mm W x 13mm H

NodeMcu-V2.0 Compatible ESP8266-CP2012

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