The complete 23cm Transverter has a fixed frequency range of 1240 to 1300MHz and is suitable for all mode SSB or FM operation,  and is constructed on a professionally etched 80x65mm FR4 PC Board.  The design is no tune so requires no alignment as it uses SAW filters  and is suitable to be used with a 144MHz I/F.  The receiver uses a low noise MGA86563 PHEMT, and the transmit driver amplifier produces up to +20dBm output.  The Transverter can handle up to 5 Watts input from a 144MHz Transceiver as it has an on board attenuator and RF sensing circuit for switching from RX to TX mode. This Kit requires a suitable low noise 1152MHz +7dBm Local Oscillator.

Refer to the 23cm 1200MHz Transverter Block Diagram for more information on what is required.


The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

EME227-23CM-Rev2 KIT is a basic Kit that includes the PC board, construction notes, and all on board components. No connectors or enclosure are included. Requires complete construction and soldering of small SMD components.

For 1296 to 144MHz select the 96MHz crystal. 

Please refer to the 23cm ( 1200MHz ) Transverter Block Diagram that will explain in more detail what is required to construct a complete Transverter.  For RX only applications, a local oscillator that includes the EME175 KIT1, EME228-1.2G-MLT1 KIT, and suitable crystal is required for this Kit.  For a TX/RX application, the EME144 KIT is also required.

Basic Kits Do Not include connectors, miscellaneous hardware, enclosure, and require other Kit products etc. This Kit is for very advanced constructors only as it uses a very high number of small SMD components
Frequency Range:
1240MHz to 1300MHz
Local Oscillator:
+10dBm, ( 10mW ) 1152MHz ( 144MHz IF )
RX Gain:
30dB +/- 2dB
RX Noise Figure:
Typically < 2.5dB ( Typically 2dB MGA86563 )
TX IF Drive: Up to 5 Watts +36dBm @ 144MHz
TX RF Output:
+20dBm ( 100mW ) with 5 Watts +36dBm input @ 144MHz
TX Spurious Outputs:
Refer to the Kits webpage

Operating Voltage: +10 to +15vdc @ 60mA RX Stages, 160mA TX Stages
Board Size: 80mm L x 65mm W x 20mm H

23cm 1.24 to 1.3GHz Transverter Rev2

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  • Product Code: EME227-23CM-Rev2 KIT
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Available Options


0.85-1.8GHz Frequency Multiplier

0.85-1.8GHz Frequency Multiplier

Price $34.95 ea

400 to 640MHz Low Phase Noise Butler Oscillator

400 to 640MHz Low Phase Noise Butler Oscillator

Price $59.95 ea

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