• LL-195 Type Coaxial Cable

Cellink LL-195 50ohm coaxial cable, 4.95mm OD dia, VF 0.66, attenuation 0.385dB per metre @ 1GHz.  High Quality Brand name coaxial cable for interconnection of HF to UHF equipment.

Cable has a foam inner with dual braid.  Braid outer is nickel plated copper and inner braid is foil, and centre core is solid copper.  For more information see the LL-195 Data Sheet

All RG58 connectors fit 195 suffix type cable. 

Price is per metre length. We also stock 100M reels of LL-195

LL-195 Type Coaxial Cable

  • Brand: Cellink
  • Product Code: LL-195
  • Quantity In stock: 213
  • $1.85

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