NodeMcu Test Board Development Board for the LOLIN NodeMcu ESP8266-12E Development board.  The board has a spacing of 28mm between the rows, and is not suitable for the 23mm spaced DOIT NodeMcu.  The NodeMcu is an open source prototyping platform based on easy to use hardware and software.

For more information see the NodeMcu-V1.0 Documentation

Suits Module:
ESP8266 ( Integrated ESP12-E Micro-controller with 2.4GHz WiFi )
Operating Voltage: +6 to 24vdc maximum
Row Spacing: 28mm
DC Power Input:
+6 to 24vdc
DC Power Output:
DC Connector:
PC Board Size:
60mm L x 60mm W x 15mm H

NodeMcu 28mm Test Development Plate

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