• 3AG Glass Fuse

3AG glass type fuses suitable for repair of electronic equipment that are available in both fast and slow blow.  Low voltage DC circuits normally use a fast blow type, and Mains circuits normally require a Slow Blow type.

Size 3AG: Length 30mm diameter 6.35mm

Do Not use glass type fuses as a replacement for the special ceramic types that are sometimes used in Main circuits.  Glass types can explode in mains circuits when there is a fault, where as ceramic types are designed for safety.

We keep around 10pcs of each type in stock.  Please email if you intend to order in quantity so that we can check stock.

We can generally supply higher quantities or other current ratings etc in around 1 week

3AG Glass Fuse

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  • Product Code: 3AG Glass Fuse
  • Quantity In stock: 100
  • $0.33

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Available Options

3AG Fuses ( Price per 1pcs ) Stock Price Qty
3AG-0.5A-FB ( Fuse 3AG 500mA Fast Blow ) 16 $0.33
3AG-1A-FB ( Fuse 3AG 1A Fast Blow ) 6 $0.33
3AG-1.5A-FB ( Fuse 3AG 1.5A Fast Blow ) 4 $0.33
3AG-3A-SB ( Fuse 3AG 3A Slow Blow ) 9 $0.95
3AG-4A-FB ( Fuse 3AG 4A Fast Blow ) 13 $0.33
3AG-6.3A-FB ( Fuse 3AG 6.3A Fast Blow ) 10 $0.33
3AG-10A-FB ( Fuse 3AG 10A Fast Blow ) 17 $0.33
3AG-15A-FB ( Fuse 3AG 15A Fast Blow ) 19 $0.33
3AG-20A-FB ( Fuse 3AG 20A Fast Blow ) 18 $0.33

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