The VHF X-POL switch has been designed to be used with two 146MHz yagi antennas mounted in a X configuration for use with the LEO Satellites. The switch allows the antennas to be switched between Vertical, Horizontal, Right Hand Circular and Left Hand Circular Polarization.  Depending on the bandwidth of the antennas used, the switch will work between 144 and 148MHz for both terrestrial horizontal SSB, and vertical FM Polarization.


The Product picture shows a completed EME218 KIT1 product with Optional BNC connectors

This product is ideal for use with two Yagi antennas mounted on the same boom in an X configuration.   For more information see the EME218 Kit Webpage

EME218-KIT1 is a Basic Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, and all on board components.  No connectors or enclosure are included. Requires Complete construction.

EME218-KIT2 is the KIT1 but also includes the BNC connectors and Nickel sprayed GME enclosure. Requires Complete construction.

The basic EME218-KIT1 Does Not include connectors, miscellaneous hardware, or enclosure. The KIT2 includes the enclosure, connectors and all required hardware. These Kits are Ideal for experienced constructors that have had experience with SMD construction.

Frequency Range:
144 to 148MHz
Insertion Loss: TRX to each Antenna @145MHz <0.7dB
Return Loss: > 20dB from 144 to 148MHz
RF Power Handling:
200 Watts CW maximum @ 145MHz
Operating Voltage:
+10 to +13.8vdc ( +15vdc maximum )
Operating Current:
80mA maximum with both relays energized
Control Input Voltage: +2 to +12vdc ( +15vdc maximum )
Board Size: 80mm L x 84mm W x 23mm H ( with BNC connectors )

For more information please see the EME218 KIT WEBPAGE

2m VHF Antenna Polarization Switch

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