The Mini-Kits 540 to 600MHz Butler Oscillator is a modern redesign of the popular butler oscillator design of the early 1990's, and has a number of design changes to improve the oscillator phase noise performance.  The oscillator will provide a stable +7dBm output, and is suitable for Transverters and RX Converters from the UHF to Microwave bands.  There are optional Kits including a phase locking Kit to allow locking of the oscillator from a stable GSP locked PLL source, and an oven heater Kit to stabilize the temperature.

Standard and High stability Series 5th Overtone Crystals are listed in the Crystal section of the website.  Divide your Output frequency by 6 for the required Crystal Frequency.

The Product image shows a fully constructed Kit product.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

Please Note: Built products usually need to be constructed and can take up to 2 weeks to ship depending on work load, but are normally shipped in few days.

EME175 KIT1 is a Basic Kit for 540 to 600MHz that includes the PC board, Instructions, all on board components, and header connectors.  Requires complete construction and soldering of SMD components.

EME175 KIT1B is a fully constructed product  with a female SMA.  A crystal must be purchased with this option for us to fully tune and test.

EME175 OPT3 is a component Kit that includes a Varicap Diode to add a phase locking option. Mini-Kits cannot supply help with a PLL circuit for this option.

EME175 PCB is the PC board and Kit construction notes only.  No on board components or connectors are included.

EME177 KIT is an optional heater Kit that can be used with crystals like our 60 degree C types. 

Kits Do Not include connectors, crystal, miscellaneous hardware, or an enclosure.  For experienced constructors Only that have access to test equipment including a spectrum analyzer and alignment tools.

Frequency Range:
540 to 600MHz
Output Power:
+7dBm ( 5mW )
Crystal Recommended:
AT Cut 5th Overtone 1ppm 20pF load C 60deg C
Spurious: At least -40dBc
Operating Voltage: +10 to 15vdc ( +12vdc @ 35mA Recommended )
Board Size: 67mm L x 48mm W x 20mm H

For more information see the EME175 KIT WEBPAGE

Application Block Diagram

540 to 600MHz Low Noise Butler Oscillator

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EME177-R2 Temperature Controlled Crystal Heater

EME177-R2 Temperature Controlled Crystal Heater

Price $29.90 ea

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