• EME164 1590AFL Enclosure Hardware Kit

Hammond 1590AFL Flange mounted die-cast Enclosure and Hardware Kit to suit the Mini-Kits EME164 Filter Kits.  Please Note: that when BNC male connectors are fitted onto the female BNC connectors on the enclosure, that there is only a small clearance to the flange mounting on the enclosure.

Kit includes: 1x Hammond 1590AFL, 2x BNS01, 4x SPA-M3x8-A-C 4x WSP-M3-NS, 4x PP-M3x6-NB, 4x CS-M3x6-NS

No Kit instructions or data sheets are supplied with this Kit.  You need to have a workshop with suitable tools. For more information please see the EME164 Filter Kit webpage.

EME164 1590AFL Enclosure Hardware Kit

  • Brand: Mini-Kits
  • Product Code: EME164-1590AFL-BNC-KIT
  • Quantity In stock: 10
  • $23.50

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