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The complete I/Q DDS Kit uses a number of components to produce a basic PIC Micro controller and I/Q DDS VFO with two 90 degree squarewave outputs that can be used with simple I/Q Radio projects including the popular Softrock Kits.

The maximum frequency that can be used is 35MHz as this is a third of the maximum DDS clock frequency of 70MHz for the AD9851 chip divided by 2 to produce two 90 degree square wave outputs. A rotary encoder and 4x4 keypad are used as the interface for various functions.  The software allows for a VFO for RX, and a separate VFO for TX that can have the VFO frequencies offset from the displayed frequency. This is useful for receivers or transmitters with an Intermediate Frequency, I/F. So yes it can be used on a receiver that has an eg 9MHz I/F by setting the RX display offset by 9MHz. A number of memory frequencies are also available for programming.

The DDS determines the maximum output frequency that can be produced, not the software, and the software supports the 10 bit AD9850 and AD9851 DDS chips.  For more information on what the software and hardware can do, please see the DDS-VFO Controller Webpage

For more detailed information on how this module Kit can be used, Please refer to the IQ-DDS KIT webpage

For the highest performance and reliability, this Kit uses a Genuine Analogue Devices AD9851BRSZ chip and high quality onboard components direct from suppliers in the USA.

IQ-DDS KIT1 is the Basic Kit that includes the EME170 KIT, EME170 Conn Kit, EME167 KIT2 AD9851, 1x metre ribbon cable. Requires complete construction and soldering of SMD components.

IQ-DDS KIT1S is the IQ-DDS KIT1 but has the AD9851 DDS chip pre-soldered to the board.  Requires complete construction and soldering of SMD components.

IQ-DDS KIT1B is a fully constructed and tested product ready to use.

Software Option: This Kit is available with the DDS Ver2.3 software pre-programmed in the micro-controller.

The Software, LCD Module, Keypad, and Control Knob are required top be selected to make up the product.  Kits and Built products Do Not include miscellaneous hardware, or enclosures.To see what is included in the  IQ-DDS Kit click here

I/Q Frequency Range: 1Hz to 35MHz ( AD9851 ) Low frequency limited to 100kHz.
Frequency resolution: 1Hz both display & RF output
Frequency Steps: 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, 1MHz, 10MHz, 100MHz
Display Offset: To suit Zero IF or divide by 2 for I/Q
VFO: A/B split, RIT, Repeater
Bands: Not available
Modes: Not available
Outputs: Not available
Inputs: PTT
Micro-controller: Microchip PIC16F648A-20A
Clock: Uses internal clock
Data Interface: Clock, serial data, optional I2C bus
Digital Interface:
Up to 13 inputs / outputs available
Operating Voltage: +12 to 14vdc ( +12vdc @ 140mA includes LCD display )
Board Size: See the specific Kit webpages for board sizes

For more information see the DDS-VFO KIT WEBPAGE

Please refer to the DDS-VFO Block Diagram on how this Kit is used

AD9851 I/Q DDS

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