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Complete 3.4GHz Transverter


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The EME171B Universal Microwave PC board was designed as a low cost way of experimenting on the microwave bands, and allows various building blocks like Transverters, multipliers, and RF amplifier to be constructed.

A complete Transverter for 3400MHz can be easily constructed using a number of Kits and components available from Mini-Kits. The picture below shows a prototype chassis with a fully working transverter for 3400MHz. Pipe cap cavity filters are used to effectively filter out image and local oscillator frequencies, allowing IF frequencies down to 144MHz to be used.


The use of Cavity filters using pipe-caps have been used by Hams for many years, and make excellent filters that can be easily adjusted in frequency and bandwidth. They also allow relatively narrow filters to be constructed which more effectively filter harmonics and oscillator noise, allowing low Transverter I/F frequencies to be used. Cavity filters also improve the stability of the design making it easier to mount into a smaller enclosure, compared to printed strip line filters that can radiate RF.

Most of the EME3400 series Kits require at least +10vdc, so that they can easily be used for portable battery operation. Only the EME3.4G-TX Driver Kit has the requirement of +12 volts for it's high 1dB compression Gali-84 amplifier, to produce a clean signal from the transmitter.

The EME3.4G series Kits use modern low noise high gain amplifiers, including the Mini-Circuits Gali, and Avago MGA series, which makes it very easy to now construct a high performance Transverter with fewer devices. A low noise MGA-86563 GaAs MMIC is used for the Transverter receive amplifier, guaranteeing performance and requiring no input matching.

EME3.4G Local Oscillator

A range of oscillator multiplier and amplifier filter Kits are available for either construction of multipliers for transverter local oscillators, Beacons, or ATV transmitters.

  • EME3.4G-MLT KIT1 3400MHz Multiplier Kit ( suitable for RX only Converters )
  • EME3.4G-FLT KIT1 3400MHz Filter Kit ( Used with the EME3.4G-MLT KIT1 for extra L/O filtering. )

The 3400MHz Multiplier Block Diagram shows which Kits products are required and typical gain and power levels.


The pictures show the EME3.4G-MLT KIT1 that uses a 1 1/8and pipe cap and 2x GALI-39 devices.


The EME3.4G-CV7 Kit is a simple Up / Down Converter that can be used as the basis to construct a complete Transverter, or Receiver only converter.

The 3400MHz Transverter Block Diagram shows which Kits products are required and typical gain and power levels.


The pictures show the basic 9cm ( 3400MHz ) Converter with a low noise MGA86563 receive device and single pipe cap filter. The output of the mixer shows a 144MHz diplexer that can be changed to 430MHz by replacing with a simple resistor attenuator for mixer termination. The Mixer is a Mini-Circuits MCA1-85 that has a wide 2800 to 8500MHz frequency range. The Transverter can be tuned to be used between 2700 and 4500MHz for various other applications.


The EME3.4G-AMP Driver Kit 1 has been designed to be used in conjunction with the EME3400-TRV Kit to produce around +13dBm output on TX. The Kit can also be used as a general purpose filter amplifier with +32dB gain, and a +20dBm @ 1dB compression output.

  • EME3.4G-AMP KIT1 3400MHz TX Driver Amplifier Kit.


The pictures show the EME3.4G-AMP KIT1 that uses a 1 1/8and pipe cap and GALI-39 and 84 devices. The amplifier has 32dB gain and a +20dBm @ 1dB compression output.

EME141-3400 PA KIT

The EME141-3400 Kit is a modern High Performance 3.4GHz 2 Watt Power Amplifier that uses the TC3341 PHEMT MMIC, and a high efficiency switching power supply. The PA is suitable for linear and non linear modes, including SSB and FM Television.

What other Components are required:

A number of other Kits and Components are required to construct a complete transverter. For the 651.2MHz Local Oscillator, the EME175 Kit can be used. The EME177 Heater Kit is high recommended when used with the 60 degree C Crystals from Mini-Kits For more information on the EME175 oscillator, and EME177 Heater Kits please see the EME175 Kit web page.

For sequencing and switching of the RF and power supply voltages the EME166 Sequencer Kit is highly recommended. The EME166 can easily handle the single I/F connection on the EME3.4G-TRV transverter.

For low power Antenna switching, the EME144 Relay Kit is ideal and will handle a few watts of RF at 3400MHz.

For a Power Amplifier the EME141-3400 Kit can be used that will produce up to 2Watts output on 3400MHz.

Cable and connectors can be found on the website. The SMA PCB mount connectors used on the EME3400 series Kits are part number SMA36.

A complete list of parts can be down loaded as a Excel spread sheet. DOWNLOAD


Changes and Modifications

1/ The EME3.4G-TRV was changed by name to know be the EME3.4G-CV7 Kit.

2/ Unfortunately there is a problem getting suitable pipecaps that are long enough for the 3.4GHz frequency range. These Kits may not be available once stock runs out.

3/ There are currently no changes to these Kits.

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