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EME235 PC-Board View
EME235 Internal PC board View


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EME235 PC Board Description:

The EME235 PC board was released in November 2017 and is designed to fit a standard aluminium extruded enclosure. The EME235 PC board was designed to construct amplifier gain blocks for various applications using the Mini-Circuits PGA, PHA, and GALI MMIC amplifiers. Is it also suitable for most other x pack and SOT-89 packages that have the same lead pinouts. The PC board is specifically for Mini-Kits built Amplifier products which are not available as Kits.

For those that want to construct their own Amplifiers, Mini-Kits produce a number of Wide band Amplifier Kits using the EME162 PC board which can be used for receiver or transmitter driver stages from HF to 4GHz for various projects. There is little difference with gain between many of the devices, with some having a lower noise figure or can produce more output power @ 1dB compression. The GALI-39 KIT, PGA-103 KIT and PHA-1 KIT are suitable as wide band preamplifiers for use with scanning and communications receivers, while the GALI-74 KIT, GALI-84 KIT, MGA31189 KIT, and PHA-1 KIT make very good low distortion transmitter driver stages.

PGA-103WB-R2 Product Notes:

The PGA-103WB-R2 amplifier is ideal as a very low noise high dynamic range amplifier for use between 100MHz and 1.3GHz. The amplifier has a very steep roll off of gain between this frequency range mainly due to the PGA-103 performance. As a driver amplifier the PGA-103WB-R2 produces an output between +20 to +23dBm @ 1dB compression over this frequency range. The amplifier is housed in an extruded aluminium enclosure and and features an on board voltage regulator that allows operation between +7 to +15vdc. BUY THIS PRODUCT

PGA-103WB-r2 Enclosure View
The picture shows the PGA-103WB R2 Amplifier with SMA connectors. The amplifier is only available with SMA Female connectors and has a 2.1mm DC connector mounted on the enclosure.
PGA-103WB-R2 PCB View
The PC board shows the Mini-Circuits PGA-103 placed near the input of the board for the lowest noise figure, and a 5v on board Regulator allows a DC input voltage between +7 to +15vdc to be used.
PGA-103WB-R2 S21 Low Frequency Response
PGA-103WB-R2 S21 High Frequency Response

Product Changes and Updates:


1/ There have been reports of failure of the PGA-103 when used as a preamplifier on an antenna, and I can confirm this as my own 70cm masthead preamplifier failed during a lightning storm even though it has a ground input in the form of a tuned input filter. The compromise of using the PGA-103 or ultra low noise GasFets directly on an antenna is that it will probably fail at times due to lightning or static damage, so it is advisable to disconnect antennas during storms to prevent damage. It is recommended that masthead preamplifiers have bypass relays that can bypass the preamp when the pre-amp power is turned off to protect the pre-amp when there are storms. Mini-Kits offers a number of low noise masthead preamplifiers for the 6M to 23cm bands that have onboard relays. See the RF Preamplifier Web page