EME154 23cm FM Video Transmitter Kit

EME154 23cm Video TX Kit

Basic EME154 Video Transmitter Kit

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EME154 KIT Description:

The EME154 is a high performance FM Television transmitter Kit for use on the 23cm ( 1250MHz Band ). The transmitter can also be multiplied up in frequency to cover the higher microwave bands using the Mini-Kits Multiplier Kits. The design has an onboard Video Amplifier and Pre-emphasis, and uses an ERA MMIC as a buffer amplifier to give up to +13dBm output. An optional Phase Locked Loop Kit and Audio Sub carrier Kits are also available to built a complete FM ATV transmitter. The Kit is easy to construct and align, and a surplus FM Analogue Satellite receiver can be used for viewing the signal.

Mni-Kits 23cm Video TX Kit

Kit Constructors Alert:

1/ There are no current issues with this Kit.

Kit Changes and Modifications


1/  A number of early Kits had the polarity of one of the 100uF electrolytic capacitors incorrectly marked on the overlay diagram. Make sure that the -Ve connection of the 100uF is connected to pin 3 TL592 Ground with a multimenter

2/ Kit change 12/4/07 was to replace the 22uF capacitor on the input side of the TL592 for a 100uF to improve the low frequency video response.

3/ Kit change 12/4/07 was to delete the 0.1uF capacitor that was connected from the centre wiper of the 100kohm trim pot to ground. This greatly improves the high frequency video response.

4/ When using the EME154 with multipliers on the higher microwave bands, the Video deviation will need to be reduced. For use with the 3GHz EME101 Multiplier Kit, a 10dB 75ohm resistor attenuator needs to be fitted in line with the video input on the EME154 board. Look for a resistor attenuator calculator on the internet for the resistor values required for a suitable 75ohm attenuator.


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