The Receiver has been designed essentially for those that want to experiment with 137MHz weather satellite reception.  The Receiver is suitable for reception of the NOAA and Meteor APT Satellites on the 135 to 141MHz band, and is designed around the Motorola MC13135P double conversion superhet receiver IC.  A low noise MosFET amplifier and band pass filter, effectively amplifies the weak satellite signals and rejects overload from strong pager signals on 150MHz.. The design has manual tuning and Automatic Frequency Control for frequency stability, and tracks the doppler shift of the Satellite.  An adjustable squelch circuit is used to mute noise when no signals are being received, and an output for a S meter circuit are incorporated in the design. 

The circuit board has been designed for easy connection of an PLL Synthesizer for tuning, but this will not allow AFC to be used unless the PLL software is written to read the AFC voltage and adjust the frequency.  Mini-Kits has a wideband PLL Kit that could be used, but we cannot supply modified software for the AFC function but the sofware could be modified to suit.

The basic EME117 KIT includes the PC Board, all onboard components, and requires miscellaneous hardware, box, Speaker, and connectors etc to complete.

Requires a PC with Sound blaster or similar sound cardRecommended software to decode the APT or WEFAX signals is WXtoImg

With retuning, this Receiver is also suitable for reception of the 150MHz Narrow Cast FM services in Australia.

137MHz Weathersat RX

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