• HSMP3824 2x PIN Diode

Avago HSMP-3824 VHF to 1.5GHz RF PIN Diode, Ideal for switching low level RF signals including band switch of RF filters.

Package SOT-23 Dual diode common cathode configuration.  CT= 0.8pF @ 1MHz Vr 20vdc, RFS=0.6ohm, @ 100MHz 10mA.

For more information please see the Avago HSMP3824 Data Sheet

No longer stocking, Please use the BAR64-05 as these are an equivalent to the HSMP3824

HSMP3824 2x PIN Diode

  • Brand: Broadcom / Avago
  • Product Code: HSMP3824
  • Quantity In stock: Discontinued Product
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