The PGA-103-R2 amplifier is ideal as a Very Low Noise high dynamic range amplifier for use between 50MHz and 1.3GHz.  The amplifier is also suitable as a driver amplifier for complex RF waveforms, and produces up to +21dBm output on 400MHz.   The PGA-103 is specified to 4GHz, but the gain is very non linear and is 10dB lower at 1.3GHz compared to 100MHz.  Please refer to the PGA-103+ Data Sheet for further information.

This Product is only available as a built and tested module or in an enclosure and is not available as a Kit.  Please refer to the Options Tab for the descriptions of the various products available.

Please Note: There is a minimum 2 working day delay to construct built products before they are shipped.

PGA-103-WB-R2-B Is a fully constructed and tested Wideband PC board Amplifier with female SMA, and 2.1mm DC socket. The 2.1mm DC cable is Optional

PGA-103-WB-R2-ENC Is a fully constructed Wideband amplifier in a extruded aluminium enclosure with female SMA, and 2.1mm DC socket. The 2.1mm DC cable is Optional

Frequency Range: 100MHz to 1GHz
Gain Typically: 24.5dB @ 145MHz, 21.3dB @ 435MHz, 13.4dB @ 1.2GHz
Noise Figure:
0.45dB @ 145MHz, 0.35dB @ 435MHz, 0.8dB @ 1.2GHz
+39dBm @ 435MHz, with ICC 90mA
Output Power:
+21dBm @ 145MHz, +21.5dBm @ 435MHz ( +4.5vdc @ 90mA )
Operating Voltage: + 7 to 15vdc ( +12vdc @ 90mA Recommended )
Board Size: 37mm L x 41mm W x 15mm H ( Does not inc SMA length )
Enclosure Size: 43mm L x 44mm W x 23.3mm H ( Does not inc SMA length )

For more information see the PGA103WB-R2 Product WEBPAGE

PGA-103-R2 Low Noise Amplifier 0.05-3GHz

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