PGA-103 Low Noise Amp 0.05-3GHz

PGA-103 Low Noise Amp 0.05-3GHz
PGA-103 Low Noise Amp 0.05-3GHz PGA-103 Low Noise Amp 0.05-3GHz
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EME162 1550Q Enclosure Kit EME162 1550Q Enclosure Kit $19.00 Qty:
DC LEAD R/A 2.1mm Male DC LEAD R/A 2.1mm Male $3.10 Qty:
SMA39 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm SMA39 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm $3.95 Qty:
SMA45 PCB Mount Narrow 1.0mm SMA45 PCB Mount Narrow 1.0mm $3.30 Qty:
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The PGA-103 amplifier is ideal as a Very Low Noise high dynamic range amplifier for use between 100MHz and 1.3GHz.  The amplifier is also suitable as a driver amplifier for complex RF waveforms, and produces up to +21dBm output on 400MHz.   The PGA-103 is specified to 4GHz, but the gain is very non linear and is 10dB lower at 1.3GHz compared to 100MHz.  This Kit has been updated and now has an onboard 78M05 regulator to allow a power supply voltage between +7 to +15vdc to be used. 

The Kit includes PC board and all on board components, requires connectors, and miscellaneous hardware to complete.

Fully Built amplifiers are available as a constructed PC board with SMA connectors, and also fully constructed in a Hammond diecast enclosure.  Refer to the Options TAB for detailed information.

Please refer to the PGA-103+ Data Sheet for further information


  • Gain: 24.5dB @ 145MHz, 21.3dB @ 435MHz,13.4dB @ 1.2GHz.
  • Noise Figure:  0.45dB @ 145MHz, 0.35dB @ 435MHz, 0.8dB @ 1.2GHz
  • Output Power: +21dBm @ 145MHz, +21.5dBm @ 435MHz, ( +4vdc 90mA )
  • OpIP3: +39dBm @ 435MHz  with ICC 90mA ( PGA-103 Data Sheet )
  • Power: +7 to +15vdc @ 90mA ( onboard 78M05 Regulator )
  • PC Board Size: 32 x 45mm

This Kit is supplied with components to cover a frequency range from 100MHz-1.3GHz.

Highly recommended as a very low noise broadband preamplifier for VHF to UHF or Linear Driver for Digital TV or complex modulation.

PGA-103 KIT is the Basic Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, and all onboard components. No connectors or enclosure are included.

PGA-103 PCB Incudes Only the PC board and Kit construction notes. No onboard Components or enclosure are included.

PGA-103 KITB Is the fully built and tested PC board Kit including SMA female connectors For 100MHz to 1.3GHz. No enclosure is included.

PGA-103 B-ENC Is a fully built amplifier in a Hammond 1550Q diecast enclosure with female SMA, onboard regulator and 2.1mm DC socket.  For 100MHz to 1.3GHz.

The built PCB Kits are supplied with a SMA39 female connector with nut and washer on one end of the board for enclosure mounting.

PGA-103 Option2 Select where you want the PGA-103 mounted on the board.  For Receive applications the PGA-103 is mounted close to the input connector for a lower noise performance, allowing for an optional output attenuator to be fitted to the board.  For Transmit driver applications the PGA-103 is mounted close to the output connector allowing for an optional input attenuator to be fitted to the board.  The SMA39 connector will be mounted on the end of the board closest to the PGA-103.


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