This Product has been replaced with the New EME220-6M KIT

EME157-6M KIT1 is a Basic Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, and all on board components.  No connectors or enclosure are included. Requires Complete construction.

EME157-6M KIT2 is the KIT1 but also includes the bnc connectors and GME enclosure. Requires Complete construction.

EME157-6M KITB  Is a fully constructed product in a Nickel sprayed GME enclosure with female BNC connectors.

EME157-6M PCB Only includes the PC board and Kit construction notes. No on board Components are included.

Option for EME157-6M KIT2 or the GME Kingray Enclosure is to spray the inside with Nickel Spray for extra shieldng.

The basic EME157-6M KIT1 Does Not include connectors, miscellaneous hardware, or enclosure.  Ideal for beginner to average constructor.

Tunable Frequency Range:
40 to 60MHz
Gain: Typically +15dB @ 50MHz
3dB Bandwidth: > 5MHz
Noise Figure:
1.5dB ( Typically < 1.15dB @ 50MHz )
RF Power Handling:
100 Watts maximum CW
Operating Voltage: +10 to 15vdc ( +12vdc @ 100mA Recommended )
Board Size: 80mm L x 84mm W x 23mm H ( with BNC connectors )

For more information please see the EME157 KIT WEBPAGE

6m 50MHz RX/TX Preamplifier

  • Brand: Mini-Kits
  • Product Code: EME157-6M KIT
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