23cm 1.2GHz 1W Amp +29dBm

23cm 1.2GHz 1W Amp +29dBm
23cm 1.2GHz 1W Amp +29dBm 23cm 1.2GHz 1W Amp +29dBm
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SMA45 PCB Mount Narrow 1.0mm SMA45 PCB Mount Narrow 1.0mm $3.30 Qty:
SMA39 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm SMA39 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm $3.30 Qty:
LM2596 DC-DC Adjustable PSU Module LM2596 DC-DC Adjustable PSU Module $4.95 Qty:
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This amplifier uses an ATF50189 PHEMT which is specified at around 15.5dB gain, and a high +29dBm output power @ 1dB compression at 2GHz. On 1.2GHz the amplifier produces up to +29dBm @ the 1dB compression point. With an input of +10dBm, ( 10mW ) the amplifier will produce around +27dBm, ( 500mW ) output. The EME162-1200 Kit includes PC board and all on board components, requires connectors, and miscellaneous hardware to complete. The Amplifier is also suitable for driving the Mitsubishi RA18H1213G module to full power. Components for a 5dB attenuator are supplied with the Kit.

The complete Kit includes all onboard components, double sided through hole board, mounting bolts, requires miscellaneous hardware to complete.  Please Note: There is a minimum 2 day delay to construct built products before they are shipped.

A suitable +5vdc @ 280mA power supply is required to power this amplifier.  It is recommended that a switching supply like the LM2596 DC-DC module is used, as a linear regulator like a 7805T would require substantial heat sinking. 


  • Frequency Range: 1240 to 1300MHz
  • Output Power: +29dBm @ 1dB comp ( 800mW )
  • Gain ( Typically 17dB gain @ 1270MHz )
  • Gain Bandwidth: 550MHz @ 3dB
  • Power Input: +5vdc @ 280mA Regulated
  • PC Board Size: 45 x 32mm

EME162-1200 KIT is the Basic Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, & all onboard components.  Connectors, enclosure, & heatsink are Not included.

EME162-1200 KITB is a fully built & tuned product with heatsink & a SMA33 female on the input, & SMA39 female with mounting nut & washer on the output.  Enclosure is Not included.

EME162-1200 PCB Incudes Only the PC board & Kit construction notes. No onboard Components, connectors or heatsink are included.


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