23cm 1.2GHz 1W Amp +29dBm

23cm 1.2GHz 1W Amp +29dBm
23cm 1.2GHz 1W Amp +29dBm 23cm 1.2GHz 1W Amp +29dBm
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SMA45 PCB Mount Narrow 1.0mm SMA45 PCB Mount Narrow 1.0mm $3.30 Qty:
SMA39 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm SMA39 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm $3.30 Qty:
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This amplifier uses an ATF50189 PHEMT which is specified at around 15.5dB gain, and a high +29dBm output power @ 1dB compression at 2GHz. On 1.2GHz the amplifier produces up to +29dBm @ the 1dB compression point. With an input of +10dBm, ( 10mW ) the amplifier will produce around +27dBm, ( 500mW ) output. The EME162-1200 Kit includes PC board and all on board components, requires connectors, and miscellaneous hardware to complete. Highly recommended as a linear driver for Digital ATV.

The Amplifier is also suitable for driving the Mitsubishi RA18H1213G module to full power. Components for a 5dB attenuator are supplied with the Kit.

The complete Kit includes all onboard components, double sided through hole board, mounting bolts, requires miscellaneous hardware to complete.

Please Note: There is a minimum 2 day delay to construct built products before they are shipped.


  • Frequency Range: 1240 to 1300MHz
  • Output Power: +29dBm @ 1dB comp ( 800mW )
  • Gain ( Typically 17dB gain @ 1270MHz )
  • Gain Bandwidth: 550MHz @ 3dB
  • Power Input: +5vdc @ 280mA Regulated
  • PC Board Size: 45 x 32mm

EME162-1200 KIT is the Basic Kit that includes the PC board, Instructions, & all onboard components.  Connectors, enclosure, & heatsink are Not included.

EME162-1200 KITB is a fully built & tuned product with heatsink & a SMA33 female on the input, & SMA39 female with mounting nut & washer on the output.  Enclosure is Not included.

EME162-1200 PCB Incudes Only the PC board & Kit construction notes. No onboard Components, connectors or heatsink are included.


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