2.6GHz Relay Kit

2.6GHz Relay Kit
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EME144 KIT ( Kit includes EME144 PC board, G6Z-1F-A-DC12V Relay, 3x SMA33 connectors) 16 $26.80

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EME144 PC board EME144 PC board $7.00 Qty:
G6Z-1F-A-DC12 Relay 12V 2.6GHz 50ohm G6Z-1F-A-DC12 Relay 12V 2.6GHz 50ohm $9.90 Qty:
G6Z-1F-A-DC5 Relay 5V 2.6GHz 50ohm G6Z-1F-A-DC5 Relay 5V 2.6GHz 50ohm $9.90 Qty:
SMA33 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm SMA33 PCB Mount Wide 1.6mm $3.30 Qty:
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This Relay Kit is suitable for switching RF from DC to 3.4GHz, and has a low loss and high 50ohm return loss. The Omron G6Z-1F-A-DC12 Relay is specified for up to 10Watts @ 900MHz, but has been used to reliably switch up to 20Watts FM on 1.2GHz.

Relay coil voltage is 12vdc. The tests on this product can be found of the EME141 Kit webpage

We have tested this product with 50 Watts on both the 2m and 70cm bands, and found no evidence of heating due to losses.  We cannot however guarantee reliability when using this relay at these high power levels over time, and suggest that it is not hot RF switched to avoid damage.


  • Return Loss: 34dB @ 430MHz, 27dB @ 1.3GHz, 15.5dB @ 2.5GHz, 15dB @ 3.4GHz
  • Insertion Loss: 0.25dB @ 1.3GHz, 0.2dB @ 2.5GHz, 0.8dB @ 3.4GHz
  • Isolation between any ports: 65dB @ 430MHz, 60dB @ 1.3GHz, 49dB @ 2.5GHz, 32dB @ 3.4GHz
  • PC Board Size: 29.5 x 37mm, does not include SMA connectors


2.6GHz Relay KIT is a Basic Kit that includes the PC board, G6Z Relay and 3 x SMA33 connectors.  No Kit instructions, or header connector are included.

EME144 PC board Incudes Only the PC board. No G6Z Relay or SMA connectors are included.


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